One Look

In 1921, Frederick Barnard wrote an article “One look is worth a thousand words”; it’s where most believe the common phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” originated. But I personally like the original phrase…. One look. When we see an image of interest, it grabs us. It causes us to take more than a glimpse but instead we look. We look at the details, the content, the layers of story being communicated by this one simple image. That image becomes imprinted within us.

A kitchen image tells a story of friends gathered around its island. Date nights turning into lifelong romances. Holiday dinners being cooked in its oven. The mind begins to play out its reality in the space seen. How would my life look living here? How would my business operate in this space? Can all the goals of my trip be realized here?

That’s why photography is so important in marketing. It’s here to create a connection between its viewer, their dreams, and your space. So, make sure that your images can best communicate that kind of connection. This place is the place I need. If you would like to discuss your property and how we can help it connect with more viewers, reach out through the contact form below.

Twilight view of a luxurious apartment swimming pool, surrounded by ambient lighting and modern architecture. Captured by Arch Angle Media