Location Location Location!

We have all heard the whole “Location, Location, Location” manta before and it’s true. A mobile home in Iowa sells for 80k but put that same mobile home on a beachfront lot in Orange County and it’s 2M. When creating a marketing strategy for your property, it is essential to emphasize its location and nearby attractions. By highlighting your property’s location, you are providing clients with a clear understanding of what to expect, making it easier for them to determine whether your property meets their personal wants and needs. Moreover, showcasing the local attractions and landmarks begins to paint a beautiful picture of not only what it is like to reside on your property but also what clients can experience in and around the location. This frees the client to imagine what their stay at your property would be like. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in planning an Attractions photo shoot in your area.

What Kind Of Attractions Should I Showcase?

Well… The selection of nearby attractions you will want to showcase will primarily rely on your property’s location. Some examples of attractions include local parks, walking trails, historical areas, art installations, retail shops, bustling downtown areas, public transportation, entertainment districts, sports venues, state and national parks, among others. It is important to consider the proximity of these attractions to your property since highlighting distant attractions may not provide feel like an accurate representation of the location. If you would like a little help in identifying which attractions to showcase, we encourage you to contact us today, and we can arrange a photoshoot for the nearby attractions that will best highlight your property.